The Value Of Adding A Gazebo To Your Backyard

A lot of times when homeowners look to add appeal and value to their backyards, they will seek to build patios, pools, and other more expensive features.  While these are definitely great features and lovely to have, they are often pricey and don’t add very much value to the overall cost of your home.  One fantastic addition that can be added to your backyard however is a Gazebo!!! They are even DIY friendly and easy to build.  Not only are they great for appearance sake but they also can help protect against weather elements such as, that stifling summer heat, down-pours of rain, and even light snow.  They also increase the value of your home should you choose to sell it in the future.  In fact gazebos increase their value by more than 50% of their cost to build.  They create an intimate area to have dinner with loved ones, but also offer an option for other entertaining in your backyard.  Add some string lights around the gazebo or on different trees in your yard and you have created the perfect ambiance.

 So what are some great tips for those who would like to build a DIY gazebo?  First it is important that you have the right tools and supplies when attempting to build your own gazebo and a little bit or construction experience.  If you don’t feel that your are up to speed on build your own gazebo from the ground up, there are gazebo kits available as well as pre fabricated gazebos you need only install in your backyard.  

However once you have gotten the basics out of the way there are some other things to consider as well.  After all what type or gazebo do you envision for your backyard?   For example there is the Raised Floor gazebo that boasts a floor raised up from the ground, which enables the builder to add a built in ice chest or cooler into the floor to keep drinks and snacks cold and ready for guests to enjoy.  It also means that you could sleep in the gazebo if desired because you will be up off the ground.  Next we have the rail free gazebo.  This is more of a roof supported by pillars and creates a covered picnic area those seen in parks etc.  Install or add a picnic table underneath and you are ready for bbq’s protected from the summer heat.  Or perhaps you want to build a gazebo with built in benches so that you can walk in and enjoy!

  Any route you take is great when it comes to installing or building a gazebo in your backyard!  The fact that it also adds value to the selling price of your home doesn’t hurt either!


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