Hot Tub Maintenance & Your Vacation Rental Property

As a vacation rental property owner you may know the importance of keeping your property and all that it includes, maintained, clean, and ready to be enjoyed by vacationers seeking a comfortable place to stay.  One thing that often gets overlooked by property owners, but should be at the top of your to do list is your properties hot tub!  Although it is important for your guests enjoyment it is also crucial to their health that your properties spa is in clean, working order and is up to date with the right about of chemicals to make it safe for use.

Why is this such a big deal?  After all it seems to be just an added perk to your vacation rental right? Although it is definitely an added bonus to have a spa on the property or guests use the fact is hot tubs are a bacteria breeding ground. We reached out to the owner and hot tub expert of Hot Tub Patrol, a local spa repair, cleaning, and maintenance service, to ask a few questions and get the inside scoop on the importance of proper spa maintenance & cleaning.

Hot Tub Maintenance 101

  • Spa Filters Need to be Changed Regularly-  This allows for filters to be clean and free of debris that can stifle the filters effect on removing impurities from the circulating water.  It also ensures chemical build up does throw of the PH balance of the spa water
  • Checking PH Levels- Han in hand with changing the spa filter, checking and maintaining your hot tubs oh balance will allow for a safer cleaner environment for your spa users. Not enough chemicals causes bacteria to grow.  Too much chemicals can irritate skin, eyes, and is not good to be exposed to for long periods of time or at all for that matter.
  • Sanitizing H20- Hot tubs warm water makes them prime places for bacteria and other  fungus to grow.  WHY? Warm moist environments are a bacterias thriving ground.  Left for a significant amount of time to grow and fester, it can cause sickness and other health problems for the exposed individual.

Not sure if your hot tub needs a cleaning, or you are unsure of the amount and eact chemicals to use?  We suggest that you call in an expert like Hot Tub Patrol who know the in’s and outs of hot tub maintenance and care. While it may seem as though out can save money in treating and cleaning your spa yourself, not knowing the proper procedures can be a bigger downfall and end up costing you more money in the long run.  Not knowing the proper chemical amounts and exact chemicals to use can be even more dangerous.  We suggest that you set up a regular maintenance schedule with a trusted hot tub maintenance and cleaning service .  This way you can ensure your hot tub is in safe and proper working order at all times for your vacation rental property guests.  Not only do you want your guests  to enjoy this extra amenity( which can also boost the price you rent your property for) but it also allows you piece of mind that your hot tub will not harm anyone’s health.  The last but not least beefit is that hot tubs are not exactly cheap.  Properly caring for and cleaning your spa will allow for the maximum life of your spa.  



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